Interview With Alania Freeman – Episode 047

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This is an INCREDIBLE interview with FullBright Scholar, Teacher, Creator, Writer, & Performer Alaina Freeman!

Not only is she the Writer & Performer of the one woman play, The MisEducation Of Ms. Freeman which you can check out October 9, 2019 in NYC, but she is a talented individual who has a passion for life that touches everything she does!

Her approach to the classroom is one that focuses solely on what’s best for her kids (and trust me, they are HER KIDS!) and pushing herself to be the best person she can be; not only for herself, but for those around her.

I can’t wait for you to listen and to get inspired by this amazing woman!

Some of the topics covered:

  • We unpack the year in teaching that changed her life forever and inspired her to create her play
  • We talk about the fear in education (because it exists)
  • The beautiful and amazing lessons that teaching special ed students taught her
  • The Soul Thing that can make any child succeed
  • The constant fight that teachers in the classroom struggle with to keep kids from giving up on themselves
  • The importance of investing herself as an educator
  • The value of being yourself 24/7, in and (ESPECIALLY) out of the classroom
  • Why its so important to push yourself to the “edge”… so you don’t get used to the monotony
  • The BIGGEST fear we all have in life…
  • The importance of having a vision which enables you to see opportunity… for yourself and your students…
  • The importance of legacy as a teacher…

Some GREAT Quotes And Takeaways From This Interview!

The one thing about special ed kids is that they were true to themselves.

I really learn a lot from the children that I teach

I loved the kids, I just hated teaching

Schools are run off of fear… and mediocracy is rewarded

Teaching is a lot of your doing it right and your doing it wrong, but its not right or wrong, it’s a process

His work was perfect for him

When I go with my friends who don’t work with children… they are a little dull… they forgot the gift of discovery… they take my energy and give my life!

They needed this other thing… this soul thing…

The kids in my room are creators… they would literally create the day in my room

We are so scared going inside of ourselves…

We don’t want to work…

Someone talking in a meeting… is present…

You really essentially have all you need… everything else is a blessing…

I don’t want to feel ok… I want to feel spectacular… or else I would be doing them a disservice…

I’m never asking them to do something that I won’t do


OCTOBER 9, 2019!!


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