A Win Is A Win – Episode 023

Courage Through Kindness

How many of us have encountered a student who has been “given” so many chances, that at some point you decide in your mind and in your heart that you have done enough…

So you quit on that student.

I have encountered these students… one in particular. And as I stood at that precipice, looking down at this student because “here we are again”; where others would walk away, I did not quit.

I pressed on.

In pressing on, I showed my student that I would not give up on him, and that I cared about him.

In pressing on, I modeled for my student the perseverance that I wished he would have, to stop his self-defeating behavior.

Turns out; he had more perseverance and grit than I imagined.

He didn’t know it and others didn’t care to uncover it.

A big question today is; how do we make our kids “tougher” and develop and grow kids with “Grit” in order to survive the world?

When the REAL question we should be asking ourselves is; how can adults be less mean, less aggressive, and less crappy?

The secret to raising “tough” kids? The hidden key to raising a generation of resilient children? The cryptic code to unlocking GRIT in our kids?


When you provide the emotional and psychological nourishment that your students needs, through kindness… Courage begins to develop within our students.

The courage to face fears, anxieties, real world problems, and themselves.

When their inner courage begins to shine through, and you see them through kind eyes, you will begin to understand who they are.

Who they are is a conglomeration of different experiences; losses and wins.

Not your wins


Kindness is a filter, which when used, allows you to see the truth about someone.

When you apply kindness… you can see their wins

And A Win, Is A Win



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