The Giraffes In Your Classroom – Episode 016

The Giraffes In Your Classroom – Episode 016

My wife and I were having a conservation. I’m sure your familiar with this one; the one where you both feel like you are not being heard and you both are not listening to each other.

Solution: See your other half as a Giraffe.

Do you know a giraffe? Ever own one? Spent a significant amount of time with one? Chances are the answer is no. Or not really.

Which means that, chances are, you will show a strange and unfamiliar creature more respect when you stand back in awe of its magnificence, and enjoy what it could be capable of doing. Because you are too unfamiliar with it’s potential.

Thats what you have in your classroom; beautiful magnificent Giraffes.

Giraffes that are full of potential, full of promise, and can only be seen in the environment and in the moment that you observe them in. You are not seeing their full potential. Which means imposing your “ideas” on them is counterintuitive to what we should be doing.

If your thoughts, language, and actions do not add value to your students of your classroom OR you do not gain any value… then it’s not worth doing. Period.

there is no such thing as a C student; only a C mentality and fueled by adults.

Adults are the biggest threat to childhood.


See your students as Giraffes; enjoy them, have fun, and marvel at the for the unique creatures that they are at THIS moment in time. Add value to the time you have together, show them the kindness that they need and deserve, so they have the courage, to BECOME who they are meant to me…

not who we limit them to become…

and make sure every lesson, every interaction, every relationship… is sealed with your smile 😁

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