What to do when you have a disruptive classroom – Episode 011

I was recently asked to be interviewed by former student. The question was, “What do you do when you have a disruptive classroom?”

My answer, “I’ve never had a disruptive classroom. I will never have a disruptive classroom.”

And it caught my student off guard. So she asked why…

There are a few caveats you must be willing to accept:

*** LEARNING IS ORGANIC***  (its natural, and it’s consistently happening)

1) Each individual child comes to your classroom with an idea of what’s is and isn’t acceptable

2) This behavior works for them

3) If it doesn’t work for you, you must show them appropriate behavior

4) They are not wrong, they are not faulty, kids do not need to be “fixed”

5) They are living a part of their lives where they are going through tremendous growth

6) Our job is to be SUPERMODELS of behavior, language, and mindset

7) How we want our children to behave is how we should behave

What’s the mindset? acceptance and kindness.

YOU project your thoughts, whether you believe it or not…


What does your mom or dad think about you?
Their opinions of you come through like a hot knife in butter… cuts you through your Core. It’s difficult and painful to think about. But the opinions of others matter to us. The distance (or closeness) we have is directly related to the impact we can have.

Parents and siblings are EXTREMELY close; in fact, too close in some cases, for us to listen to (too hot!)

Strangers are too far away, but we do get clues from society, which is like Strangers X 1000, so it is impactful, but can be ignored (too cold!)

TEACHERS are at a perfect distance…. We are far away enough from our students for our impact to influential and for our students to hear us and receive our message… while at the same time, be close enough to make a significant impact and change… to truly influence their lives… (just right 🙂


Have the mind set that your students will learn more about appropriate behavior from who YOU are, than what you say…

A) SEE and THINK about your students as people who have potential and have the ability for success
B) SPEAK to that
C) ACT to that

You will never have a disruptive classroom because you will no longer see disruption in your classroom, you will only see opportunity and success…

BE KIND, so your students have the sacred space to be courageous!

Continute to learn… and your students will learn (the best MODEL to provide for your students)

Last but not least; Make sure every lesson…

Every interaction…

Everything  you do…

Is sealed with your smile! 🙂


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