The Great American Eclipse – Episode 003

As the United States enjoyed a rare event this week and thousands if not millions of people stood outside during their working hours to experience the Great American Eclipse, I couldn’t help but notice and feel the immense weight of that moment.

It was the realization of the power of shared experiences, which can bring people together from various backgrounds. It was the realization that 50 million children come through our classrooms every single day, and we provide the affirming relationships that bridge all of these children together…

It was the realization that as we go about our day, delivering our content, making connections with our students, and creating meaningful experiences there is something that should never exist…

and that is hate

hate is old

it has no place in the classroom

it is not the emotion of the future

hate is old

hate is old

hate is old

Fear and Anxiety Affect the Brain Architecture of Learning and Memory


Hate and fear have absolutely no place in the classroom. Hate is learned; which means it can be unlearned.

Education does not exist in a vacuum and neither do we or our students. As such it is important that we face hate head on in age appropriate ways, in order to model appropriate responsible and respectful behavior for our students, and to make sure we give our students the courage they need to stand up against intolerance and hate.

It is also important to realize that the world is more connected, more creative, and more tolerant than ever before; our affirming relationships with our students help shape the world that they grow up in and believe in. It is important that we develop the necessary appropriate relationships with them so that they can grow up believing in themselves and the change they want to make upon the world.

And this starts… with your smile!


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