Moana, Perspective, and Relationships – Episode 001

Welcome to Seal It With A Smile!

So glad you could join me on what will be a very long conversation on how we can add value to our roles as educators. The world is changing at a rapid rate and knowledge is everywhere. So what role do teachers (educators) have in a world where the knowledge we have is freely available?

The answer is in Moana

In short; educators must first understand that our children, their students, are being raised in an increasingly connected world, which is increasingly catered to their likes and dislikes. Our value as educators is no longer solely based on our content knowledge, but in our ability to create affirming relationships with our students. Authentic, caring, and appropriate relationships that once formed, allow us to create the new neural pathways that comes about from learning.

Seal with a Smile is a belief that learning is an organic “natural” process, and new neural pathways are “locked in” and SEALED when you build affirming relationships with your students.

In other words, sealed with YOUR smile

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