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The Importance of Your Smile – Episode 010

Tweet Towards the end of my first year of teaching, I had arrived at a level of tired understood only by other teachers. During these weeks, when the attention span of every child is as long as their interest in completing work, I was having a very difficult time. The only thing I could do was smile. […]

Why there are some days you go home defeated – Episode 009

Tweet In all my years of teaching, there have been days where I have struggled getting through a class period. It is heartbreaking. Not only that, it leaves you feeling less than and like there is no hope for you. It makes you question your sanity, your profession, your livelihood. These moments are the reason […]

What to do when your students ask, “Why Am I Learning This?” – Episode 008

Tweet “Why Am I Learning This?” It’s an all too common question asked in the classroom. When will I ever use _____ BLANK? I’m not going to be a _____BLANK, why should I learn this? I’m not going to college, so I don’t need this. It is a teacher’s kryptonite to hear these words as […]

Failure Is Not An Option – Episode 007

Tweet Failure Is Not An Option There are so many life lessons around failure, and as a teacher, you will have to deal with it often, especially if your in your first three years of teaching, because you will absolutely mess some things up, but its ok, as we will learn today! Its is an […]

Three Strikes – Episode 006

Tweet Three strikes… There was a young lady that I met during our meet the teacher night recently; a student of the highest caliber that not only exemplifies what a student should be, she also possessed a delightful personality and disposition. As I began to speak with her parents, I could see the same excitement […]

The Mission – Episode 005

Tweet The Mission I remember the little school house in East Texas arboretum, a replica of an early Texas school house; chairs are all lined up perfectly, with old books that talk about agricultural measurements and calculations. There’s quite a bit of mathematical calculations that were needed back in rural communities and for many who […]

Learning To Be Vulnerable – Episode 004

Tweet This weeks episode was inspired by two different situations: the devastation of Hurricane Harvey and a podcast from the show Invisibilia  (click on the link below to listen to the podcast) NPR: Invisibilia – The New Norm In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, thousands of people from across the country and in Houston have been […]

The Great American Eclipse – Episode 003

Tweet As the United States enjoyed a rare event this week and thousands if not millions of people stood outside during their working hours to experience the Great American Eclipse, I couldn’t help but notice and feel the immense weight of that moment. It was the realization of the power of shared experiences, which can […]

About That Pencil… – Episode 002

Tweet As an educator, we have all encountered that one child… who forgot to bring his/her pencil to class… For some, this is the BANE of their existence… How can a parent allow their child to come to school unprepared! What if there was another way… a NEW way of looking at this situation What […]

Moana, Perspective, and Relationships – Episode 001

Tweet Welcome to Seal It With A Smile! So glad you could join me on what will be a very long conversation on how we can add value to our roles as educators. The world is changing at a rapid rate and knowledge is everywhere. So what role do teachers (educators) have in a world […]