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A Sense Of Gratitude – Episode 019

Tweet A Sense of Gratitude – Episode 019 the year winds or has wound down for some of you, it’s important that we reflect back on the year, but at the same time as most of us are wrapping up our semester and wrapping up everything we have accomplished, it’s important that we have sense […]

Who You Are Makes Your Kids Feel Bad (and you don’t even know it) – Episode 018

Tweet Who you are makes your kids feel bad (and you don’t even know it) – Episode 018 Talking to a teacher who was having a problem with her students. Had an opportunity to observe the classroom and immediately felt and saw the high levels of stress and anxiety in the room (you could feel […]

Why I Need To Smile – Episode 017

Tweet Why I Need To Smile – Episode 017 It has occurred to me that I must explain my own personal WHY as to WHY it is important for ME to Seal It With A Smile. Its important because this was not the norm for me growing up. My father always carried a sullen angry […]

The Giraffes In Your Classroom – Episode 016

Tweet The Giraffes In Your Classroom – Episode 016 My wife and I were having a conservation. I’m sure your familiar with this one; the one where you both feel like you are not being heard and you both are not listening to each other. Solution: See your other half as a Giraffe. Do you […]

(UPDATED) The Humble Thread In The Cape – Episode 015

Tweet (UPDATED) The Humble Thread In The Cape – Episode 015 During this week of Thanksgiving, most of us will be resting and relaxing and hopefully enjoying some time off with family, friends, our animal friends, and loved ones. During this time of reflection, we can also reflect on our lives and find humility within […]

The Story of 17 x 24 – Episode 014

Tweet Clear your mind…. I want to take you back about 60 or so years, back to the early 1950’s in rural West Texas. Take you to a warm hot day in August; dry mountain air in a small one horse town. Exactly the kind of town you would imagine when you think of a […]

Special Guest: Jenn “The-Teacher-Next-Door” – Episode 013

Tweet This week we have a special guest, Jenn “The-Teacher-Next-Door”! Jenn is an accomplished teacher with over 20 years of experience and is the owner of the and online store at Teachers-Pay-Teachers. Her passion for helping others has made her successful both in and out of the classroom! We talk about her “soap-box”issue, her […]

Are YOU Listening? – Episode 012

Tweet EPISODE 12 – Are YOU Listening? Spent the weekend at a pumpkin patch watching kids taking pictures and parents taking pictures of kids.  This must have some effect on their developmental growth; seeing themselves that often. If anything , it adds to the idea that we all learn in an environment of relationships! And since *** LEARNING IS ORGANIC […]

What to do when you have a disruptive classroom – Episode 011

Tweet I was recently asked to be interviewed by former student. The question was, “What do you do when you have a disruptive classroom?” My answer, “I’ve never had a disruptive classroom. I will never have a disruptive classroom.” And it caught my student off guard. So she asked why… There are a few caveats […]